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Summer to Fall and Back Again

12 Nov

As soon as I packed away all of my summer clothes for the year, Shane and I decided to move to South Florida…In November.  As a native Wisconsinite, I knew there would have to be a BIG change in my fall/winter wardrobe.   I silently wept as I gave my sisters many of my fur-lined boots, wool jackets, and cozy sweaters.  Their halfhearted attempts to comfort me through stifled screeches of joy didn’t help the matter. I resigned myself to feigning generosity and swiftly turned my focus to creating a happy marriage between typical fall fashion and 80 degree weather.

Same shirt, new season

Oh what a world has opened.  Down here, it’s more about texture and fabric than sleeve length.  More heel height than type, and skin protection over my mid-winter self-tanning binges.  Its actually been quite fun to look at my clothing in a whole new light and to create a fall-themed, warm weather look.

This can be useful to think about when vacationing on warmer shores during the winter, or simply a new way to change up your fall look!

white tank dress

Silky blouses usually worn under heavy blazers or leather jackets can now be worn simply by themselves with a dark skinny jean and some sky high pumps.  Thin sweaters can be tucked into silky dress shorts paired with chunky wedges and a dainty belt.  What I’ve learned is that its not about buying a completely new closet full of tank tops, skirts, and sandals, but more about pairing the old with the new to create a light, fresh look.

fall & summer