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Funky Fall Trends

24 Sep

This fall season, the runways are filled with color and texture.  Thanks to stars like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, the chunky highlights of the 90s and neons of the 80s suddenly look boring, and fashion forward means shaving half your head.  Needless to say, fashion is becoming more and more daring each year.  Here are some ways to try out the newest trends:

Oversized Accessories

In runway talk, this means hats that cover your eyes, shoulder pads that reach your forehead and bow headbands the size of your entire face.  It can be difficult to see the wearable trends through the haute couture madness.  So please, let me help!  To embrace the big bow trend, grab a silky blouse with an oversized but droopy silk bow tie.  Definitely a statement piece, yet one everyone can pull off.  Here are a few more ways to go bow crazy:

Bow crazy

Animal Accessories

I am not a fan of animal accessories.  You may be and that’s fine.  Just try to stay away from the glittery cats okay? Its creepy.  It should be easy to see which accessories are in vogue compared to those that look like you stole a small childs toy.


Crazy Eye Makeup

I am all for going crazy with eye makeup.  Be bold! The trick with this look is blending.  Without blending, dark colors will make you look like you got punched in the eye and bright colors will make you look like a trashy fairy.  Put the lightest color or a nude all the way from your lash line to your eyebrow.  Then sweep the darkest or boldest color across your lid without going above the crease.  Then use an in between color to blend the two together and finish with liner.  Also, liquid eyeliner can be an easy way to get funky with your makeup without adding crazy colors.  Pairing these with equally wild lip color is a daring way to make an entrance.

eyes and lips

Bejeweled Nail Art

This season, nail art has taken a huge jump into the spotlight.  It’s all about texture..from mini pearls to glitter, to colored French tips.  Be brave with this trend! The bolder the better!

 Nail Art

So go out and try the newest trends! Get wild! Who cares if you look back and think “What was I thinking?!” That’s half the fun!