Color Block.

19 Jun

Okay people, we are going back to elementary school for a minute here. Remember the color wheel? Well it turns out that something you learned in school may actually be helpful in life! Yippee. Now, since I’m sure you have forgotten, here is a standard color wheel:

(courtesy of a photoshop website that will tell you way more than you want to know about the wheel..find it here: )

Now, reach back to your days in grade school art class. Can you smell the weird chalky paint? Can you see the Picasso-esque attempts at self-portraits? As soon as you find yourself fantasizing over what shape your mother’s annual clay ornament should be, you are in the right state of mind.  Now don’t get all nervous.  All you need to remember from the depths of your artistic soul are Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colors. What’s that? You forgot? Well I guess I will have to share my vast knowledge with you.

Primary colors are Red, Yellow and Blue. Secondary colors are Violet, Green, and Orange. And Tertiary colors are a whole mess of Primary and Secondary colors. Next up: how to apply this newly acquired knowledge to color blocking. As a side note, I’m not sure if it is “color block”, “color-block” or “colorblock” and frankly I don’t much care. Just go with it.

For the bold color blocker, go for colors that are across from each other on the wheel.  Just lay out a bunch of your clothes and start mixing and matching until something catches your eye. Confidence is huge with this look so be sure to feel good in what you put on!  Below you can see how to use this look to create outfits with your favorite colored jeans!


For a more subdued look, mix and match colors that are one away from each other on the wheel. Be careful or this can end up looking like a failed monochromatic look so be sure to choose colors that are different enough from one another.  The green and yellow combo as well as the red and purple combo above are great examples of how to do this.

For the most conservative attempt at color blocking pair a bright colored top with your nudes, whites, or blacks.  Take advantage of all the bright shorts out there right now and toss on a black or white tank for an effortless summer look.  And remember! Black and white outfits are color-blocking too! So go wild ladies. Color blocking is fun! Ps…lots of clothing is sold already color blocked for you so go ahead and cheat!

Easy colorblocking

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