High Waisting.

22 May

The Look

Sure we all want to be able to pull off the awesome, retro-looking high waisted shorts trend.  The fact of the matter is, we must pick and choose our trends carefully.  Everyone can try this trend, but the same “high waisted” shorts will not look good on all body types. 
Those of you with big ta-tas or a shorter torso will not benefit from a super high waisted short. You’ll end up looking like your boobs are sitting on your hips…no thank you. Instead try a short that reaches just above your hip bone. Not above your belly button. You get the benefits of the trend (can you say natural tummy concealer?) without taking away precious inches from your torso.  Also buying a more tailored style of shorts that have a vertical seam, pleat or fold will make your legs look longer.
They also provide the opportunity for those who shy away from crop tops to try them.  The tummy issue is no more, so pair your high waisted shorts with a crop top for a casual look. 

Fancy Pants

For a more dressed up look, tuck in a flouncy button down instead of a tank or tee.  There are also tons of fancier styles of high waisted shorts. Go for silky flowy fabrics that resemble a skirt.  There are also plenty of lacy shorts that are super fun.  Pair with a blazer and heels or fancy ballet flats for a night out!


BE CAREFUL. Please please do not buy your high waisted shorts too small.  Lets just say with this design, little is left to the imagination…IN FRONT OR BACK. Go a bit looser please. Thanks. Go out and wear them proud ladies. Confidence is everything with this look.


One Response to “High Waisting.”

  1. Genevieve May 31, 2012 at 11:12 am #

    The high-waisted short, well shorts in general, have always been a fear of mine… But with these tips, I might conquer my fear just yet! :-D

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