Dreaming in Orange Velour.

19 May

So I keep having this horrifying reoccurring dream.  In this dream, I go to get ready in the morning and my closet is bare…except for one shirt. An appalling, orange, velour turtleneck with a zipper on the neck. Barf. The worst part of this dream? I did not create this piece of clothing from some dark and disturbed corner of my subconscious.  This was my go-to piece circa ’99. No jokes here folks.  I will find a picture and include it for your comedic benefit.  Anyway, this dream got me a-ponderin’.

For every piece of evidence supporting the theory that fashion and style are cyclical, there is a woman out there with a closet chock full of dickies and slouching shoulder pads.  For every girl cutting off her mom’s old high-waisted Levi’s, there is a girl convincing her mother that neon track jackets and earrings the size of your face have in fact not made a comeback.  My own mother saved the outfits she and my father were wearing when they met each other in the late 70s. And let me tell you..both would be borderline acceptable outfits today.  Classic blouse/flannel /jean/skinny belt combos.  The width of the bell bottom may be out, but you can hardly go anywhere today without seeing flannel-clad men.

So the question arises; how do you determine which closet items are forever pieces, and which will be the orange velour turtlenecks of your nightmares?  

Things to think about:

 Stick to well-fitting items, and keep the classics. This may seem like a no-brainer, but we can all admit to purchasing and even loving certain trends that are painful to look back on…(gauchos anyone?).  We may have been in style, but they are painful simply because the clothing is not particularly flattering to our figures.  Everyone’s body is different so there is no possible way that EVERY trend will look amazing on EVERY body.  Stick to the one’s that flatter your assets and hide your flaws…that is, if you have any ;)  Also, be sure to keep the classics.  Think about what NEVER goes out of fashion. A great classically cut LBD, a well-fitting/no frills white blouse, a non-tapered, boot cut denim…simple and well-structured are the key for these pieces.  Remember! Just because you spent too much money on a piece of clothing, or because it was your favorite thing for a year doesn’t mean it will stand the test of time. 

Stick to these tips and your closet will continue to evolve beautifully over the years.  The occasional orange velour hiccup will inevitably happen, just be sure you have the strength and courage to let it go. Both your future daughter and your present-day pride will thank you.


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