Bathroom Compliments.

13 May

Ah the elusive bathroom compliment. Come on ladies. Let’s just put it out there shall we? We dress for each other. Do we want guys to care? Yes. Do they? No.   As long as whatever you put on your bod shows off your bum, gams, ta-ta’s or better yet, all three, you’ve got that demographic covered.  Who we really dress for is the girl in the stall next to us.

Hidden in the endless parade of 20-somethings emerging from the ladies room is the only free fashion show you’ll ever attend.  While contemplating how long it would take to just squat in the alley, your eyes will inevitably move to those around you. You want her shoes. You want her dress. She has great hair…That girl’s got it all wrong. Eventually you look down wondering how your peer critics would report on your outfit- a hit or a miss?

Each time we prepare for a night of club-bangers and ensuing headaches, the person we really consider is the girl in the next stall.  You know, the one you stood behind while trying not to drool over her impossibly effortless style. Next thing you know, there you are…both at the mirror.

Sometimes it’s simple: she glances your way and mutters “great outfit” before fixing her bra and leaving.  Sometimes it’s not.  “Ohmygosh. I saw that dress yesterday and I was soooo gonna buy it but I didn’t and now im just dying. ugh. dy-ying. You look ah-mazing. Ah!” (drunken sway aaaand exit).

However annoyingly it may be expressed, you may claim sweet victory. You can leave that crowded club bathroom satisfied in more than one way.  For you have achieved the coveted bathroom compliment. No shame my dear, we are all human–we desire envy.  We desire flattery. So be free of your self-deprecating free from your self-inflicted dungeon of wardrobe mediocrity.  Be better. Be desired. Be complimented.

An easy choice for going out is always the little black dress.  But don’t you dare stop there.  Pair with some sassy heels and bold makeup.

Party Rock!

David Lerner longer length dress
$247 –

Free People cap sleeve dress
$168 –

Camilla Norrback strappy pumps
€100 –

NYX lipstick

Lancôme lip gloss
$27 –

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics beauty product
£32 –



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