Hello there.

13 May

Clothing should be a way to express emotion, passion even opinion. For at least part of our lives most of us figure this out.  Just picture every angsty teen dressed in shredded or too-tight clothing that their parents just “don’t understand” .  At what age do we lose that? When do we stop trying to make a statement with what we wear? Perhaps it’s in college when greek letters plastered across tiny t-shirts and padded bras are the norm. Or that first job where style flies out the window, dress codes reign, and your grandma suddenly thinks your outfits look “sharp”.  Regain your wardrobe identity people!  At least outside of your office. I have to wear scrubs…you have to wear a nauseating sweater set that covers your clavicle.  I may not be able to convince your HR rep clad in a polyester blend suit she found on sale that there is a tasteful way to show work-appropriate decolletage.  But I can convince you to take charge of your post-work and weekend style. And who knows…if we’re lucky we’ll throw in some makeup, hair, and accessory tips that will camouflage your own collection of clearanced poly-blends.

This is me! I am 23, recently graduated and happier than ever. Not sure what my next step is so bear with me while I figure it out. Thanks for reading!



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